What We Do


What We Do Onsite

1)  The first thing SEO HELP SERVICES does is examine your SEO status and performance to see what needs to be changed in order to increase your ranking.

2)  Based on our observations and what we’ve learnt from you about your products or services, your target locations and your competition we will then select and install the best keywords to your website’s Meta Title, Meta Description and at least one image alt tag. This will enable the Search Engines to connect better with your website and make it more relevant on the web and therefore improve your ranking.

3)  We then monitor your status on the Search Engines on a regular bases and observe your ranking then either add or remove or change the Meta keywords based on your website’s performance.

4)  Part of our monitoring process is to install Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics. With these in place we can both gather up and analyze SEO with real time traffic data and see who and when and from where and the number of visitors your website is getting.

What We Do Offsite

SEO HELP SERVICES not only works and makes changes on your website but we also make changes and improvements off of your website.

1)  After we’ve optimized your Meta Keywords and Descriptions we submit your website to all the major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

2)  Even though Google+ Local Profile is often dismissed as just being part of Social Media we nevertheless create and optimize a Google+ Local Profile for you. This is an important aid to your website’s overall SEO rankings. In addition we will also make sure all your social media listings are consistent.

3)  We add your information to sites such as Facebook Business Page, Twitter and Bing Business Portal. By adding your website to Social Media sites it creates and strengthens links to your website and not only makes your website more valid and trustworthy with the Search Engines but in fact makes you more visible and accessible to Online customers.